Focus Group Moderators

Each MCS Asian and Latino moderator is fully bilingual and bicultural. All moderators have received professional training for moderating skills and techniques. Some of our moderators are RIVA-trained and certified.

Most of the moderators who either work exclusively for MCS or provide moderating services independently have received formal moderator training. Some independent ethnic moderators have had mentoring assistance from Huafu Jiang for over ten years. They have gained a wide range of skills and experience over years of conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews, by completing projects with many different objectives, goals and tactics.

Huafu Jiang, founder and president of MCS, is the first Chinese moderator ever trained and certified through both fundamental and advanced programs at RIVA. Since 1992, he has moderated more than 500 focus groups.

Over the years, our clients have also gained benefits from the moderators different academic training, backgrounds and industry experiences in such fields as:

    Foreign language and literature
    Public relations
    Political science
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